Aerospace Engineering 2002-04-01

Aerospace Engineering 2002-04-01
    • From motorsports to aerospace
      Pi Research brings its motorsports digital data-acquisition technology to the aerospace industry.
    • New testing solutions
      Aerospace Engineering editors review the latest testing products, equipment, and technologies from the idustry's suppliers.
    • The world of business jet technology
      "Aerospace Engineering" provides an overview of new business jets and the technological innovations that make them fly in the first installment of a two part series.
    • Dassault adds another Falcon
      The Falcon 7X featurs a host of new technologies, including an advanced wing design, making it Dassault's next-generation business jet.
    • Eclipse makes business jets affordable
      New manufacturing techniques and high-volume approaches are enabling Eclipse to bring an affordable aircraft to the business jet market.
    • Cessna establishes its Sovereignty
      The company finalizes development of the Sovereign and prepares it for FAA certification, which is expected late this year.
    • Embraer to create a business jet Legacy
      Modifying its ERJ 135 regional jet model, the company makes its way into the corporate aircraft market.
    • Sino Swearingen's SJ30-2
      As development nears completion, the company gears up for certification of its newest business jet.
    • Bombadier adds size and range to the business jet market
      The Continental business jet nears certification as development continues on the Global 5000.