Aerospace Engineering 2003-08-01

Aerospace Engineering 2003-08-01
    • Technology and development in Europe
      The 21st century is proving a particularly challenging time globally for almost every aspect of aerospace, but in Europe the mood is positive in the face of setbacks.
    • Prosperity in the face of challenge
      This article examines trends and issues in the regional aircraft industry through the eyes of Aerospace Congress & Exhibition (ACE) host company Bombardier Aerospace. It also takes a look at ACE, which addresses aviation safety, manufacturing, and automated fastening.
    • A new trip down memory lane
      Interweaving topical technology and historical data, researchers and students submitted the Wright Flyer to simulated wind tunnel testing using software from Pointwise.
    • An eye on UAVs
      Electronics play an important rule in unmanned aerial vehicles designed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance mission areas, as well as for combat.