Aerospace Engineering 2005-01-01

Aerospace Engineering 2005-01-01
    • Flying safer
      Software is being designed to predict pending failures, warn pilots, and maybe even fly the plane.
    • CMM + laser probe = complete inspection
      Sonaca gave up its manual inspection methods in favor of a digital approach to save time- and money.
    • A rounded view of fibers
      The use of fibers for aerospace gyroscope applications- notably inertial navigation and platform stabilization- is common now, but it was not always so.
    • Piston engine propulsion
      SAE 100 Future look: As the propulsion industry looks to the future, the barriers remain challenging, the drivers more critical, but the innovations more promising.
    • What's downstream in turbine technology
      SAE 100 Future look: Gas turbine machines-aviations, industrial, and vehicular- are versatile and cost-effective machines used for the provision of electricity, mechanical load power, and propulsion.
    • Introducing Ted Robertson, SAE President for 2005
      ASC's product and technology chief made his name at General Motors, but is now putting his mind to work for SAE.