Aerospace Engineering 2003-07-01

Aerospace Engineering 2003-07-01
    • The growth of an industry
      This second of a three-part series highlighting the centennial of flight focuses on how World War I and II changed the face of aviation technology.
    • Portable test system
      Boeing uses VXI via KineticSystems to achieve greater dependability, accuracy, and efficiency in its digital distortion analyzer for propulsion systems.
    • Fire-resistant composites for engine nacelles
      Engineers from Boeing treated fiberglass/polyimide and graphite/polyimide laminates with various phosphorylated polymers to obtain fire-resistant resins for use in harsh environments.
    • Accelerating the design process
      The use of desktop analysis software can lead to a faster and more efficient process for the design and manufacture of aerospace components, according to SolidWorks.