Automotive Engineering International 2006-04-01

Automotive Engineering International 2006-04-01
    • Lighting the way
      Exterior lighting systems are not just contributing to safety, they are also changing cars' styling.
    • Sensing a change
      As sensor use grows, providing input for all sorts of functions, engineers are responding to the design challenges through standardization and shared use of signal output.
    • Attacking hybrid cost
      Hybrid-electric vehicle costs must be slashed significantly for the technology to become mainstream. HEV developers reveal many routes in the cost-reduction crusade.
    • Engineering with the enemy
      In a program devoid of bloodshed, General Motors and Ford codeveloped a new six-speed automatic that is key to both companies' future vehicle plans. The program managers explain why they'd eagerly do it again.
    • Drivetrain advances
      Japan's leading companies have focused development on reducing size, mass, and cost.
    • Testing rolls on
      A new generation of rolling road systems is helping both vehicle manufacturers and race teams better simulate road conditions to see the effect of minute changes.
    • Honda Civic: AEI's Best Engineered Vehicle for 2006
      With the eight-generation model, the Civic has again re-established itself as the benchmark in its segment, setting new standards for safety, technology, and performance.
    • From form vs. function to form + function
      Their jobs are distinctly different, but engineers and their design counterparts share an end goal: the best vehicle possible.
    • Wired for safety
      Carmakers and suppliers collaborate to augment drivers' skill and judgment with electronics.
    • Cost, power, safety, and more
      Automotive engineers heading for this year's SAE World Congress sound off on the hottest trends and greatest challenges facing the industry.
    • AEI 2006 Tech Awards
      The editors of Automotive Engineering International highlight some of the more innovative new products and technologies on display at the SAE 2006 World Congress, based on the latest information provided by exhibiting companies.
    • Getting validation
      OEMs are developing tools so that engineers from around the world can validate vehicles for regulations conformity and other objective and subjective aspects.