Automotive Engineering International 2003-08-01

Automotive Engineering International 2003-08-01
    • Appetite for cars growing in China
      Automakers and suppliers the world over are scrambling to establish or expland manufacturing operations in China as income growth spurs a rapid rise in car sales.
    • "Lighting" the way for bodies
      Alcan says the most common alternative metal for body applications, aluminum, can be used as a stand-alone material or integrated with steel.
    • Controlling noise, vibration, and harshness
      Vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers are finding ways to deliver greater passenger comfort in the early stages of design.
    • Why diesels, why now?
      Participants at the first SAE Executive Management Briefing discuss the possibilities and technical challenges for diesel engines in U.S. passenger vehicles.
    • Virtual powertrain, real results
      As powertrain control systems require more complex validation testing in less time, Ford is teaming with Concurrent Computer to develop a HIL simulation system that tests real control hardware in the virtual world.