Automotive Engineering International 2007-08-01

Automotive Engineering International 2007-08-01
    • Toyota rationalizes IMV
      The Executive Chief Engineer in charge of the broad range of multipurpose vehicles for developing markets discusses local optimization of one global vehicle architecture.
    • Honda builds a better FCX
      The recently revealed concept car previews the ambitious and radically new fuel-cell-powered car that the company will launch and lease in 2008 in the U.S. and Japan.
    • Denso turns up the heat
      Japan's largest supplier is developing environmentally friendly products, such as its flagship HVAC systems to make customer vehicles cooler but more efficient.
    • Sitting pretty
      Aesthetics merge with safety and ergonomics in that "simple" yet essential automotive system: the seat.
    • Shifting forward
      Faster processors, enhanced sensors yield better transmissions with smoother gear changes.
    • Finishing strong
      Combining high strength with formability, today's new steels support development of lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles--without compromising safety, cost, or performance.