Automotive Engineering International 2009-08-01

    • Toyota punches innovations pedal
      From hybrids to robots, Toyota promises new ways of thinking to produce new and better products.
    • Hyundai dreams
      As part of an internal competition, Hyundai designers let their minds wander through time, space, and perhaps some new dimension to conjure concepts that seem outlandish today.
    • Maza fired up about internal combustion
      There is room in the market for hybrids and all-electric vehicles, but Mazda believes that internal-combustion engine offers the biggest bang for the buck.
    • Helping hands
      Engineering consulting service providers expect to help OEMs meet greater fuel efficiency and tighter emissions standards.
    • The upside ofdownsizing
      Hybrid powertrains are undergoing huge changes as successive generations emerge, increasing efficiency and offering better performance, with component sizes shrinking as engineers make changes that address cost.
    • Lightweighting gives composites new life
      Progress in fiber-reinforced resin composite technology opens the prospect of replacing metal chassis and body structures.
    • Insider trading down?
      More space, less weight, more recycled products, and a back-to-basics policy are some of the aims of interior designers as electric cars start to challenge current thinking.