Automotive Engineering International 2001-12-01

Automotive Engineering International 2001-12-01
    • Concepts from Tokyo
      The Japanese brands showed an impressive number of concept vehicles at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, from styling exercises in search of what will come next, to "reference models" that are very close to production.
    • Formula One technology: 2001
      Engineering highlights of the recently completed season were the return of traction control, the widespread use of launch control, and the move toward wide V-angle engines.
    • Adaptive front lighting
      Though there have been several early attempts at giving lighting systems some mechanical "intelligence," Hella believes the time is drawing near for the burgeoning capability of processors and sensors to play a significant role in enhanced frontal illumination.
    • Instrument-cluster design trends
      Optrex America engineers show how automotive interior designers can use light to their advantage in designing displays for dashboard clusters.
    • Top technology stories of the year
      According to our readers, these are the 10 most interesting technology stories that appeared in AEI during the past year.
    • Alternative refrigerants
      A Cooperative Research Program has been formed with the assistance of SAE to compare the environmental impact and efficiency of standard HFC-134a, CO2, secondary-loop hydrocarbon, and enhanced HFC-134a systems in cooling mode.