Automotive Engineering International 2002-12-01

Automotive Engineering International 2002-12-01
    • Bending light
      Lighting technology is becoming more intelligent and adaptive as OEMs and suppliers develop systems that are more integrated into vehicle electronics systems for greater performance and safety.
    • Top technologies of the year
      The world's automakers and suppliers were busy in 2002 equipping production vehicles with significant new technology. The editors review some of those significant "game changing" innovations for the past model year.
    • Testing on the move
      Advances in mobile data acquisition, such as those from HBM, have helped engineers move the testing of vehicles from the laboratory to the road.
    • Producing an all-new powertrain
      Ford and International each revamped a plant to build a new powertrain for Ford's super-duty trucks and Excursion sport utility vehicle.
    • Making plastic parts
      New ways of forming plastics for automotive components were revealed at an annual contest sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers.