Automotive Engineering International 2008-12-01

Automotive Engineering International 2008-12-01
    • Bodybuilding 101
      The latest designs are pumped up with flagrant use of performance-enhancing substances, such as boron steel, for maximum strength and safety.
    • Prize-winning plastics
      Lower cost, lighter weight solutions highlight the 2008 SPE Automotive Innovation awards.
    • Mean and green
      More than a few companies at last month's SEMA Show heralded the eco-friendly side of their products just as highly as the performance side.
    • Setting the standards
      Automakers along with their supplier partners are now embracing many interfaces and protocols to enable compatibility with consumer electronics devices as well as other advances.
    • Readers' choice: Top technology stories of the year
      The editors look back at some of the past year's most significant engineering and innovation articles according to readers of Automotive Engineering International and AEI Online.
    • Green victory?
      The motorsports community contemplates winning races while leaving behind the smallest environmental footprint.