Automotive Engineering International 2001-01-01

Automotive Engineering International 2001-01-01
    • Ford's new four
      The largest engine development program in company history will lead to at least 200 applications, starting with the new Mondeo's Duratec HE and replacement of its existing cast-iron-block four-cylinders with higher aluminum content powerplants.
    • GM Powertrain's new inline six for SUV's
      For the first time in nearly two decades, three new General Motors vehicles will feature an inline six-cylinder engine developed by GM Powertrain.
    • Fuel-stratified injection from VW
      Though gasoline direct-injection technology is being introduced in the Lupo FSI, VW says it easily can be adapted for high-volume use in larger vehicles such as the Polo and Golf.
    • LS6 for Z06
      The latest high-performance Corvette engine features improved breathing, new pistons, an increased compression ratio, and a new high-profile camshaft.
    • New diesel V8 for S-Class
      Mercedes-Benz engineers employed common-rail technology, twin turbochargers, and a water-cooled intercooler to achieve a 9.6 L/100 km fuel consumption while satisfying EU 3 emissions limits.
    • SAE 2001--the ultimate automotive engineering event
      Every millimeter of exhibit space at Detroit's Cobo Center is sold out, and every meeting room in the building is booked. That must mean it's time for the SAE 2001 World Congress.
    • Hiring and retaining engineers
      This special section focuses on the shortage of engineering professionals and looks at what some companies are doing to attract the skilled innovators who keep the world in motion.
    • Racing in the computer age
      NASCAR racecars may be 1950s technology, but the tools engineers use to keep their teams competitive from week to week are far more advanced.