Automotive Engineering International 2009-01-01

Automotive Engineering International 2009-01-01
    • Mapping tomorrow's traffic
      Leaders from the top design institutes believe the art of transportation design hinges on a holistic--and progressive--understanding of the relationships between people, vehicles, and public space.
    • Sitting comfortably
      Seat engineers are enhancing safety, adding functions, but comfort still reigns supreme.
    • Coming to life
      Bio-based materials are increasingly showcased in concept vehicles--but do they have widespread production potential?
    • Chevrolet supercharges the Corvette
      Even an old dog like the Corvette ZR1's LS9 Small Block Chevy can learn new tricks thanks to a supercharger and key supporting parts.
    • Double-duty Duratec
      Ford's new 2.5-L inline four for 2010 boasts advanced fuel and ignition control, and an Atkinson-cycle variant for HEVs.
    • Coast-to-coast diesel
      Having held back until it could offer one in all corners of the U.S., BMW says the time is right for a 50-state diesel.
    • Big torque from small Mercedes diesel
      Daimler's drive for efficiency has resulted in a small 2.2-L four-cylinder engine that produces 500 N-m to power larger vehicles.
    • Renault, Nissan share V6 diesel
      Proven modular technology cuts costs of new Project V9X engine.
    • Direction injection for 911
      Porsche introduces the first system for a boxer engine to bring performance enhancements as well as consumption and emissions cuts.
    • Jaguar reveals second-gen diesel
      The 3.0-L V6 turbodiesel can produce as much as 600 N.m with the aid of twin parallel sequential turbochargers.