Automotive Engineering International 2008-06-01

Automotive Engineering International 2008-06-01
    • Finding the right niche
      As technology, politics, and OEMs struggle to achieve environmental cohesion, small and niche companies are determined to ride out the maelstrom with their ability to adapt, react, succeed, and survive.
    • Jaguar and Land Rover shift
      Access to technology and engineering takes center stage as the two brands transition from one giant parent to another as Tata takes over from Ford.
    • Aston Martin bonds
      The company is developing closer ties with Tier 1 suppliers in its new role as an independent.
    • Bentley has secret CO2 plans
      The company wants to combine luxury and high-performance hallmarks with massive cuts in emissions.
    • Lotus small and manueverable
      The engineering arm's technology menu--including lightweight, small engines, and high performance--is being sampled across the world.
    • Porsche looks to the future
      Gasoline hybrid technology, convergence potential, and diesels could be in store for the company.
    • Rethinking intelligence
      Automakers explore new ways to spread computing around the vehicle, with an eye towards centralized architectures.
    • (Crash) testing new steel applications
      Testing the effect of downsized components on vehicle crashworthiness.