Automotive Engineering International 2003-03-01

Automotive Engineering International 2003-03-01
    • NAIAS production vehicles
      The strength of light trucks and crossovers in North America was on display as a majority of the all-new vehicles debuting at the events were for those segments of the industry. This special edition of Global Vehicles provides highlights of new-vhielce technology for 2003 and beyond.
    • Volvo XC90: AEI's Best Engineered Vehicle for 2003
      The new model raises the safety and environmental compatability bars for SUVs.
    • Leading the way
      Fuel-cell vehicles from Toyota and Honda are hitting the streets for customer use in both Japan and the U.S.
    • AEI Tech 2003 Awards
      Automotive Engineering International highlights the top products and technologies (submitted as of February 18) from the SAE 2003 World Congress.
    • Introducing Dr. Jack E. Thompson, SAE President for 2003
      A change agent with early roots in the automotive industry gets in the Society's driver seat.
    • Testing and instrumentation
      This special edition of Product Briefs highlights the latest stationary and mobile equipment used to develop cleaner, quieter, and safer vehicles.