Automotive Engineering International 2007-11-01

Automotive Engineering International 2007-11-01
    • Cadillac CTS
      GM's all-new global sports sedan makes no excuses in chassis dynamics, body integrity, powertrain performance, premium materials, and overall craftsmanship.
    • Taking control of hybrids
      Software must monitor and manage many parameters while coordinating the complex operations of the engine, electric motors, and batteries.
    • LIghter, faster, lower cost
      Ducati's top engineer brought a "maniacal" approach to developing the 1098 superbike.
    • Diesels' brave new year
      Lean-NOx catalysts, closed-loop cylinder pressure sensing, and homogenous combustion are making "50-states" diesels a reailty.
    • Behind the curtain
      AEI takes an in-depth look at how the designers and engineers at General Motors took the company's trio of new crossover SUVs from sketchbook to road.
    • Engineering from everywhere
      With future growth in car and truck sales coming mainly from emerging markets, companies are realigning their engineering operations accordingly.
    • Responsible road-burners
      Good performance and fuel economy need not be mutually exclusive, thanks to diesel power.