Automotive Engineering International 2008-10-01

Automotive Engineering International 2008-10-01
    • Consumed by changes
      Reprogramming becomes the focus of engineers as radios become multifunction head units integrating many infotainment functions.
    • Design insiders
      Packaging, comfort, 'premiumness,' and quality are keywords in the vocabulary of car interior designers, but significant changes to interior structures could lead to a design revolution.
    • Accident avoidance 2.0
      OEMs and suppliers are going to great lengths to ensure the proper performance of their next generation of active safety products.
    • Automotive policy goes to the polls
      Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama stake out different positions on issues affecting the automotive industry and future vehicle engineering.
    • Mitsubishi i MiEC
      Instead of focusing on hybrid propulsion, the company is hoping to be a leader in all-electric vehicles by readying a minicar for 2010 launch.
    • Tato Nano
      The Indian automaker intends to overcome obstacles and deliver on its promise of a $2500 all-weather, safe family car.
    • Opel & Vauxhall Insignia
      The important new model from General Motors Europe is based on the Epsilon II architecture expected to underpin many GM models for markets around the world.
    • Hyundai Genesis
      The Asian automaker breaks into a new segment with a car tuned as a sports sedan in the U.S. and a luxury vehicle in Korea.