Automotive Engineering International 2009-10-01

    • Winning the war for talent
      The conclusion of AEI's two-part series looks at how industry, academia, and professional groups are working together to close the "knowledge gap" in vehicle electrification.
    • Partnering on infotainment
      Services are expected to rise as technical collaboration and available bandwith increase.
    • Nissan Leaf
      The Japanese company first saw the potential of lithium-ion batteries for vehicular use in 1992, and almost two decades later is about to deploy the technology.
    • Honda Insight
      Developed to be attainable for Gen Y buyers, the 2010 Insight is a major piece in Honda's hybrid-portfolio plans.
    • Heavy-duty issues
      Top industry insiders provide their perspectives on crtical issues such as sustainability, workforce development, and future growth at this year's Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress and Exhibition.