Automotive Engineering International 2001-09-01

Automotive Engineering International 2001-09-01
    • Trends in advanced chassis control
      Motorola vehicle system developers examine the state-of-the-art microprocessor and other electronic technologies driving the development of advanced braking, steering, suspension control, and collision warning/avoidance systems.
    • Wheel design and engineering
      Consumer demand is driving the automakers' move to large-diameter, shiny, alloy wheels.
    • Telematics and the digital car
      As development of new telematics products and services gain speed, OEMS, suppliers, and other players in the automotive industry are using simulators as a tool to gain greater understanding of driver distraction.
    • NisSun Rising
      Nissan is back, according to President and COO Carlo Hosn, thanks to a revised product development structure that makes better use of employees and technology.
    • Back to the future for Ford manufacturing
      The Vice President of Vehicle Operations said the company's goal is raw materials to finished goods in one day.
    • Diagnostics and control for power electronics
      Infinieon's Smart 5 switch helps engineers meet requirements for high current-carrying capacity and expanded intergrated-logic functions.