Automotive Engineering International 2002-09-01

Automotive Engineering International 2002-09-01
    • Fuel-cell commercialization
      The technology race is on to market the next revolution in automotive propulsion, with the first vehicles in limited quantities coming from Toyota and Honda by the end of the year.
    • Telematics technology trends
      Analysts at the Telematics Research Group explain the computer, communications, and automotive electronic component advancements that will influence systems development.
    • No end in sight to electronics' growth
      The biennial Convergence conference on transportation electronics, hosted by DaimlerChrysler, will explore the interplay of electronics with mechanical and other systems to improve vehicle safety, performance, and convenience.
    • Making contacts
      Engineers at AMI DODUCO reveal their latest research and developments on critical automotive electrical contact reliability.
    • Hydrogen and the automobile
      Though the fuel could emerge as the primary energy source for nonpolluting passenger vehicles, massive infrastructure development is needed to support the hydrogen economy of the future.
    • New developments in LCDs
      Optrex combines mechanical and digital technologies to meet the greater performance requirements of information displays.
    • Honda raises the bar for Alabama plant
      Not yet a year into production, Honda Manufacturing of Alabama is undertaking a massive expansion of its Odyssey minivan plant.
    • U.S. automakers make up ground in stamping
      Led by General Motors, the Big 3 have significantly improved their performance in the area of stamping.