Automotive Engineering International 2003-09-01

Automotive Engineering International 2003-09-01
    • No hands with Bluetooth
      A major effort is underway to implement the wireless specification in cars and cell phones to reduce driver distraction.
    • Sensors proliferate
      The boom is light on wireless, heavy on intelligence.
    • Water and heat in the fuel-cell balance
      Researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Millenium Cell, and DaimlerChrysler are working on a sodium borohydride system tha thas the potential to meet FreedomCAR's weight-percent hydrogen-storage targets.
    • Far East optimism
      Asia's Big Three--Toyota, Honda, and Nissan-- relied to a large extent on their global presence to post strong profits in 2002 as they and other Far East automakers prepare for an upswing in their economies.
    • Models of choice
      Seven of the eight Japanese passenger car/light truck manufacturers offer various configurations of compacts, which are taking off in Asia.
    • Japan stays on high-tech course
      Japanese OEMs optimize existing technologies while laying the groundwork for advanced hybrid and fuel-cell technologies.
    • Matching engines to vehicles
      As Asian automakers introduce new vehicles, they are developing new engines and transmissions to optimize their performance.
    • Formula SAE: More than just racing
      This annual competition, now in its 22nd year, allows students to gain hands-on experience designing, fabricating, and competing with small formula-style race cars--experience that can help students find engineering jobs after college.
    • Alternative refrigerants
      With HFC-134a on the Kyoto Protocol list of global warming gases, and the European Union intending to elimate it, experts at the SAE Automotive Alternative Refrigerants Symposium in July debated the futrue, with the goal of developing a more environmentally friendly alternative to keep vehicle occupants cool.
    • Changeover challenges
      Automakers refine the model changeover process as they try to introduce new and updated models more frequently.
    • Nissan boldly goes South
      Riding recent successes, Nissan launches a new plant in Mississippi to keep production and sales figures on an upward trajectory.
    • Pushrods for economical power
      The V16 engine of Cadillac's Sixteen concept car previews future technology from General Motors that could see production in upcoming vehicles such as the 2005 Chevrolet Corvette.
    • Preparing for TS 16949
      BSI Management Systems believes the challenges for implementing the new internationl quality standard that supersedes QS-9000 can be turned into benefits for automotive suppliers.