SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2000-12-01

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2000-12-01
    • Lightpipe design
      According to Breault Research Organization, any off-highway instrument or control that needs illumination is a candidate for a lightpipe to take light from where it is generated to where it is needed.
    • The biodiesel choice
      Experts from the Natural Biodiesel Board believe it is time to consider alternatives to the current fuel structure. One solution to rising fuel prices is the pursuit of biodiesel fuels.
    • Understanding machining difficulties in gray iron
      Bosch Braking Systems' engineers look more closely than usual at iron brake rotor samples to give new insights into critical characteristics of the material.
    • Caterpillar mining for customers
      With commodity prices low, Caterpillar wants to make mining as productive an enterprise as possible for customers. To that end, it put several mining machines on display recently at MINExpo 2000, including a new excavator and wheel loader that the company claims offer not only superior performance, but also a good fit with its existing mining truck products.
    • MINExpo equipment highlights
      Mining OEMs and suppliers get a chance only once every four years to display new technologies and equipment at MINExpo. In this special edition of Original Eqiupment, some of the equipment that OEMs were eager to display at the 2000 event in Las Vegas are highlighted.
    • Heavy-duty oil/coolant heat exchangers
      Behr Heat Transfer Systems has developed a series of aluminum oil coolers that improve performance and reduce weight.
    • Biodegradable hydraulic fluids
      Engineers from union Carbide Corp. and Caterpillar provide an overview of international literature on biodegradable fluids, various international testing protocol, fluid base stocks, stability effects, and material compatibility.