SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2004-06-01

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2004-06-01
    • Small is as small does
      off-highway engineers have been pretty busy packing smaller and smaller engines with more and more power.
    • Computer-aided everything
      Software is helping companies to be more effective when developing and evaluating off-highway vehicles and systems.
    • Testing resources
      This section highlights some of the latest mobile and stationary equipment available to the industry for product development and evaluation.
    • History of gerotor hydraulics
      The second part in a retrospective of the development of gerotor technology, the engineers behind the breakthroughs, and an acquisition here and there.
    • Maintenence is old business at DoD
      Iraqi insurgents represent the U.S. Department of Defense's main concern at the moment, but an aging maintenance work force is among other concerns on its flanks.