SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2000-10-01

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2000-10-01
    • Designing a high-performance electrohydraulic actuator
      Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Toronto adopted a new design strategy for development of a new high-performance acutation system.
    • Off-highway, online
      The Big Three automakers made big news in February by announcing the formation of a single Internet portal for conducting business-to-business e-commerce. Although no such B2B megasite yet exists for the off-highway industry, a number of separate Internet sites offer similar services to the agricultural and construction segments.
    • Off-highway transient driving cycle
      Southwest Research Institute and the EPA teamed to determine the necessary emissions tests and certification cycles needed for off-highway engines.
    • Benchmarks in tractor development
      Norm Swinford discussed the evolution of tractor technology at the 2000 SAE International Off-Highway & Powerplant Congress & Exposition in September.
    • Readers' Choice Top Technologies of the year
      Readers have selected the ten most interesting stories in SAE Off-Highway Engineering during the past year. They appear in shortened form. Results are based on reader-response choices following feature articles and shorter technology items.