SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2004-10-01

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2004-10-01
    • Beyond batteries
      the reinvention of a 100-year old electrical energy-storage device could transform heavy-duty hybrid drive systems.
    • Pumping down the volume
      The design evolution of low-noise spur and helical gear pumps.
    • Tackling Tier 3
      Both Cummins and Caterpillar choose the in-cylinder approach to reducing emissions.
    • The telematics fix
      Diagnostics may be the key to keeping telematics viable and affordable.
    • Complete and intelligent systems
      SAE 100 Future look: The future of mobile hydraulics can be seen today. Modern mobile hydraulics of today and tomorrow consists of complete system solutions with integrated electronics, which make off-highway machinery more efficient and, at the same time, reduce life-cycle costs.
    • The next step in hydraulics and electronics
      SAE 100 Future Look: As we celebrate 100 years of SAE's contributions to our industry, it seems very appropriate to look forward at the next few years and assess where we will be.
    • Evolving fluid power
      SAE 100 Future Look: Eaton is committed to developing future technologies that advance the functionality of hydraulic systems and optimize current technology.
    • Position sensing advances
      SAE 100 Future Look: In the early 1970s the foundations of what is now MTS Sensors began with the development of magnetostrictive technology and its application in industrial position-sensing applications.