SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2006-10-01

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2006-10-01
    • Making sense of engines
      Heavy-duty equipment is known for its ruggedness in harsh environments, but vehicles are not neglecting their sensitive side.
    • The world's fastest digger gets closer
      JCB's Dieselmax goes 350 mph and teaches engineers much about engine capability, extreme testing, and program management.
    • The whole system, and nothing but the system
      Properly implemented, an electrohydraulic system can add a great deal of automatic control, advanced performance, advanced diagnostics, and remote monitoring to a mobile application.
    • Regenerative hydraulics
      The use of multiple hydraulic pumps can satisfy the needs of various circuits in off-highway equipment.
    • The gas is greener
      Biofuels promise to help reduce petroleum cinsumption and CO2 emissions, but much of the potential depends on production and infrastructure investments.
    • Material returns
      Effective use of materials information is important to engineers in development of parts and components.