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Development of an Aged Tire Durability Standard - Reinflation Study for Accelerated Laboratory Aging 2008-01-1491

In the work leading to the TREAD Act, some members of Congress expressed the need for some type of aging test on light vehicle tires. Since no industry-wide recommended practice existed, the ASTM F09.30 Aged Tire Durability task group was established in 2002 to develop a test standard. During the first phase of development, it was found that the process of oxidative aging depleted the level of oxygen in some tires below the point at which aging could effectively continue. Therefore, in the second phase, a research module was formulated to determine the most appropriate method by which to maintain the oxygen concentration in the tire at a sufficiently high level. The research encompassed the evaluation of test data from laboratory aged tires whose oxygen concentration was kept elevated either through a top-off method or a vent/reinflate method. This presentation focuses on the analyses conducted to determine the appropriate method by which to maintain oxygen concentration in the tire.