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Boosted Premixed-LTGC / HCCI Combustion of EHN-doped Gasoline for Engine Speeds Up to 2400 rpm 2016-01-2295

Previous work has shown that conventional diesel ignition improvers, 2-ethylhexyl nitrate (EHN) and di-tert-butyl peroxide (DTBP), can be used to enhance the autoignition of a regular-grade E10 gasoline in a well premixed low-temperature gasoline combustion (LTGC) engine, hereafter termed an HCCI engine, at naturally aspirated and moderately boosted conditions (up to 180 kPa absolute) with a constant engine speed of 1200 rpm and a 14:1 compression ratio. In the current work the effect of EHN on boosted HCCI combustion is further investigated with a higher compression ratio (16:1) piston and over a range of engine speeds (up to 2400 rpm). The results show that the higher compression ratio and engine speeds can make the combustion of a regular-grade E10 gasoline somewhat less stable. The addition of EHN improves the combustion stability by allowing combustion phasing to be more advanced for the same ringing intensity. The high-load limits of both the straight (unadditized) and additized fuels are determined, and the additized fuel is found to achieve a higher maximum load at all engine speeds and intake pressures tested, if it is not limited by lack of oxygen. The results reveal that the higher loads with EHN are the result of either reduced intake temperature requirements at naturally aspirated conditions or a reduction in heat release rate at higher intake pressures. Such effects are also found to increase the thermal efficiency, and a maximum indicated thermal efficiency of 50.1% is found for 0.15% EHN additized fuel at 1800 rpm and 180 kPa intake pressure. Similar to previous studies, the nitrogen in EHN increases NOx emissions, but they remain well below US-2010 standards. Higher engine speeds are found to have slightly lower NOx emissions for additized fuel at intake boosted conditions.


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