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A Study of the Disc Scoring Generation Principle and Reduction 2017-01-2501

Owing to the enhanced performance of engines these days, more heat should be dissipated in the braking system. Success of doing this properly causes more heat to the disc in the brake system which results in the deformation or scratches on the surface of it and a reduction in the appearance of the product. A study for detailed factors to aggravate this was done as a solution to prevent these from happening. In this paper, we present our work based on experiments to study MPU (Metal Pick Up) of the pad and the scoring(scratching) of the disc. MPU of which the main component is “Fe”, is formed through the process of fusing the separated materials from the disc by friction with the pad, and by local heat generation to the pad. [1,2,3,4,5] The occurrence of MPU and the possibility of the disc scoring resulting from this were studied by noting “Fe” which was transferred to the surface of the pad to different extent and degree of segregation according to the roughness of the disc. For verification purposes, the vehicle and bench tests were conducted.


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