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Unsettled Issues Regarding Power Options for Decarbonized Commercial Vehicles EPR2021021

While direct electrification appears to provide the most cost-effective route to decarbonization of commercial vehicles, uptake may be constrained by critical metal supply. Additionally, it will be many years before hydrogen power becomes decarbonized or if it can ever compete economically with direct electrification. An electric road system (ERS) could offer a highly efficient and cost-effective route to direct electrification that would greatly reduce the volume of batteries required, but pilot schemes are urgently needed to provide concrete data on operating costs for different ERS technologies.
Furthermore, if plug-in hybrid electric vehicles could obtain most of their power from an ERS, liquid biofuels and “electrofuels” may prove useful for occasional off-grid range extension. To achieve extremely long-range for operation in remote locations, liquid fuels remain the only viable option.
Unsettled Issues Regarding Power Options for Decarbonized Commercial Vehicles discusses the analysis required to understand the lifecycle energy use for different power options for decarbonized commercial vehicles.


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