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Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Pavement Markings and Signs EPR2022011

Transportation infrastructure systems serve as the platform for emerging automated vehicle (AV) technologies and, in their current condition, limit the reliability of these new vehicles. Road conditions, lane markings, and signs provide essential guidance and information to both human- and machine-controlled vehicles; however, their condition and placement vary depending on local conditions, practices, and funding. Irregular sign placements and road markings confuse both human and machine drivers and can create unsafe conditions. Still, in the short term, they are the easiest factor to adjust regarding successful AV deployment.
Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Pavement Markings and Signsexamines the issues associated with pavement markings and signs in the context of advanced automation. The report focuses on unresolved issues between the AV industry and infrastructure owners and operators and provides opportunities and recommendations for the AV industry and the larger transportation community to address reliability issues.


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