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Car-sharing Mobility-on-Demand Systems EPR2022018

One-way car-sharing services (CSSs) are believed to be a promising transportation mode for urban mobility. Due to the disparity of city functional areas and population, travel demand and vehicle supply in a CSS may inevitably tend to be imbalanced as well. Therefore, an essential requirement of one-way CSSs is the capability of providing fleet management solutions to improve quality of service and system performance. In other words, a CSS depends heavily on technologies that offer strategic decisions on topics like
  • Fleet sizing
  • Location and capacity of depots and charging stations
  • Matching of travelers with vehicles
  • Relocation of vehicles and dispatchers for fleet rebalancing
  • Balancing and charging schedules of electric vehicles
Car-sharing Mobility-on-Demand Systems addresses trending CSS technologies and outlines some insights into the existing unsettled issues and potential solutions. The discussions and outlook are presented as a collection of key points encountered in system planning, configuration, and especially fleet operation. In doing so, the focus is on innovation in technologies, policies, operations, and regulations that impact operators, users, and transport management authorities.


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