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Responder-to-Vehicle Technologies for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles EPR2023010

Recently, there has been a slight increase in interest in the use of responder-to-vehicle (R2V) technology for emergency vehicles, such as ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars. R2V technology allows for the exchange of information between different types of responder vehicles, including connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). It can be used in collision avoidance or emergency situations involving CAV responder vehicles. The benefits of R2V are not limited to fully autonomous vehicles (e.g., SAE Level 4), but can also be used in Level 2 CAV scenarios. However, despite the potential benefits of R2V, discussions on this topic are still limited.
Responder-to-Vehicle Technologies for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles aims to provide an overview of R2V technology and its applications for CAV systems, particularly in the context of collision avoidance features. The responder vehicles in question can be autonomous or non-autonomous. It is hoped that it will provide valuable information and knowledge on vehicle connectivity and automation in the current automotive and mobility ecosystem, enabling the development of safer and more reliable autonomous driving technology. The report is intended for both industrial and academic experts and is expected to stimulate further discussions on the development and standardization of R2V technology.


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