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Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Connectivity EPR2023013

Do connected vehicle (CV) technologies encourage or dampen progress toward widespread deployment of automated vehicles? Would digital infrastructure components be a better investment for safety, mobility, and the environment? Can CVs, coupled with smart infrastructure, provide an effective pathway to further automation? Highly automated vehicles are being developed (albeit slower than predicted) alongside varied, disruptive connected vehicle technology.
Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Connectivity looks at the status of CV technology, examines the concerns of automated driving system (ADS) developers and infrastructure owners and operators (IOOs) in relying on connected infrastructure, and assesses lessons learned from the growth of CV applications and improved vehicle-based technology. IOOs and ADS developers agree that cost, communications, interoperability, cybersecurity, operation, maintenance, and other issues undercut efforts to deploy a comprehensive connected infrastructure.


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