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Micromobility, User Input, and Standardization EPR2023015

Micromobility is often discussed in the context of minimizing traffic congestion and transportation pollution by encouraging people to travel shorter (i.e., typically urban) distances using bicycle or scooters instead of single-occupancy vehicles. It is also frequently championed as a solution to the “first-mile/last-mile” problem. If the demographics and intended users of micromobility vary largely by community, surely that means we must identify different reasons for using micromobility.
Micromobility, User Input, and Standardization considers potential options for standardization in engineering and public policy, how real people are using micromobility, and the relevant barriers that come with that usage. It examines the history of existing technologies, compares various traffic laws, and highlights barriers to micromobility standardization—particularly in low-income communities of color. Lastly, it considers how engineers and legislators can use this information to effectively innovate micromobility devices and regulatory frameworks that meet the needs of communities while effectively outlining guidelines for providers. These are processes must happen concurrently and inform one another.


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