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The Use of eVTOL Aircraft for First Responder, Police, and Medical Transport Applications EPR2023020

Advancements in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft have generated significant interest within and beyond the traditional aviation industry. One particularly promising application involves on-demand, rapid-response use cases to broaden first responders, police, and medical transport mission capabilities. With the dynamic and varying public service operations, eVTOL aircraft can offer potentially cost-effective aerial mobility components to the overall solution, including significant lifesaving benefits.
The Use of eVTOL Aircraft for First Responder, Police, and Medical Transport Applications discusses the challenges need to be addressed before identified capabilities and benefits can be realized at scale:
  • Mission-specific eVTOL vehicle development
  • Operator- and patient-specific accommodations
  • Detect-and-avoid capabilities in complex and challenging operating environments
  • Autonomous and artificial intelligence-enhanced mission capabilities
  • Home-base charging systems for battery power platforms
  • Simplified operator and support training
  • Vehicle/fleet maintenance and support
  • Acceptance and participation from stakeholder services, local and state-level leadership, field operators, and support team members


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