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Unsettled Issues Concerning the Opportunities and Challenges of eVTOL Applications during a Global Pandemic EPR2020022

Electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft technology has developed beyond the traditional aviation industry and now influences the creation of new and novel transportation applications. Some experts even suggest on-demand eVTOL logistics capabilities could be harnessed by crisis response teams to c ombat a future pandemic.
The lessons of the COVID-19 crisis highlighted the challenges of managing a global pandemic response due to the difference in regional and local resources, culture, and political systems. Although there may not be a uniform crisis management strategy that the world can agree on, next-generation vertical flight vehicles could be used to distribute limited medical equipment, supplies, and personnel to hot spots faster than conventional aircraft or ground vehicles. However, creating this capability is not easy.
This SAE EDGE™ Research Report by Johnny Doo addresses the opportunities and challenges of establishing an eVTOL fleet, including deployment, supporting infrastructure, and fleet management.


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