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Unsettled Issues on Human-Robot Collaboration and Automation in Aerospace Manufacturing EPR2020024

This SAE EDGE™ Research Report builds a comprehensive picture of the current state-of-the-art of human-robot applications, identifying key issues to unlock the technology’s potential. It brings together views of recognized thought leaders to understand and deconstruct the myths and realities of human- robot collaboration, and how it could eventually have the impact envisaged by many.
Current thinking suggests that the emerging technology of human-robot collaboration provides an ideal solution, combining the flexibility and skill of human operators with the precision, repeatability, and reliability of robots. Yet, the topic tends to generate intense reactions ranging from a “brave new future” for aircraft manufacturing and assembly, to workers living in fear of a robot invasion and lost jobs.
It is widely acknowledged that the application of robotics and automation in aerospace manufacturing is significantly lower than might be expected. Reasons include product variability, size, design philosophy, and relatively low volumes. Also, the occasional reticence due to a history of past false starts plays a role too.
Unsettled Issues on Human-Robot Collaboration and Automation in Aerospace Manufacturing goes deep into the core questions that really matter so the necessary step changes can move the industry forward.


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