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Unsettled Issues on Sensor Calibration for Automotive Aftermarket Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems EPR2021008

Many automotive industry safety advocates have been pushing for greater market penetration for active safety and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), with the goal of ending deaths due to car crashes. However, there are far-reaching implications for the collision repair, specialty equipment, and performance aftermarket sectors—after a collision or modification, the ADAS system functionality must be preserved to maintain, driver, passenger, and road user safety.
To do this, sensor recalibration and ADAS functional safety validation and documentation after repair, modification, or accessorizing are necessary.
Unsettled Issues on Sensor Calibration for Automotive Aftermarket ADAS tackles the challenges of accelerating the pace of ADAS implementation; increasing industry understanding of systems, sensors, software, controllers; and minimizing the overwhelming variety of sensor calibration procedures and automaker targets. Additionally, this report addresses the liability concerns that are challenging the industry as it seeks to move forward safely.


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