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Unsettled Issues Regarding the Use of eVTOL Aircraft during Natural Disasters EPR2022001

Recent advancements of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft have generated significant interest within and beyond the traditional aviation industry, and many new and novel applications have been identified and are under development. One promising application is rapid response during natural disasters, which can complement current capabilities to help save lives and enhance post-disaster recoveries.
The Use of eVTOL Aircraft During Natural Disasters presents issues that need to be addressed before eVTOL aircraft are integrated into natural disaster response operations:
  • eVTOL vehicle development
  • Detect-and-avoid capabilities in complex and challenging operating environments
  • Autonomous and remote operations
  • Charging system compatibility and availability
  • Operator and controller training
  • Dynamic air space management
  • Vehicle/fleet logistics and support
  • Acceptance from stakeholders and the public


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