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Internal Boundaries of Metal Additive Manufacturing: Future Process Selection EPR2022006

In the early days, there were significant limitations to the build size of laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) additive manufacturing (AM) machines. However, machine builders have addressed that drawback by introducing larger L-PBF machines with expansive build volumes. As these machines grow, their size capability approaches that of directed energy deposition (DED) machines. Concurrently, DED machines have gained additional axes of motion which enable increasingly complex part geometries—resulting in near-overlap in capabilities at the large end of the L-PBF build size. Additionally, competing technologies, such as binder jet AM and metal material extrusion, have also increased in capability, albeit with different starting points. As a result, the lines of demarcation between different processes are becoming blurred.
Internal Boundaries of Metal Additive Manufacturing: Future Process Selection examines the overlap between three prominent powder-based technologies and outlines an approach that a product team can follow to determine the most appropriate process for current and future applications.


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