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Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers EPR2022008

Manufacturers and developers of automated vehicles (AVs) often maintain that no new infrastructure enablers are needed to achieve full AV deployment aside from existing infrastructure investments (e.g., connected traffic signals, designated stops, booking software, mobile applications, separated lanes). These groups hold that a state-of-good-repair and clean lane markings are sufficient; however, much of the US receives poor grades when it comes to these features. What do infrastructure owners and operators need to know about what constitutes effective lane markings or what to prioritize in terms of safety and mobility? How do policy considerations effect these choices?
Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers the first in a series on AVs and infrastructure—considers ways in which infrastructure can speed or delay deployment, mitigate hazards, and capture benefits related to AV roll-out. Some of these benefits include accessibility, safety, reduced climate impacts, and integrated supply chain logistics.


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