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Use of Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cells in Ground Vehicles EPR2022020

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) require multiple components to operate properly, and the fuel cell stack—the source of power—is one of the most important components. While the number of enterprises manufacturing and selling fuel cell stacks is increasing globaly year after year, the residual challenges of core components and technologies still need to be resolved in order to keep pace with the development of lithium-ion batteries (i.e., its primary competitor). Additionally, many production and distribution standards are seen as unsettled. These barriers make large-scale commercialization an issue.
Use of Proton-exchange Membrane Fuel Cells in Ground Vehicles explores the opportunities and challenges within the PEMFC industry. With the help of expert contributors, a critical overview of fuel cells and the FCEV industry is presented, and core technology, applications, costs, and trends are analyzed. The report concludes a series of recommendations for industry and government stakeholders to promote the development of FCEV industry.


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