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Automated Vehicles and Infrastructure Enablers: Transit EPR2022021

While it will likely be many years before fully automated busses and trains are readily available for transportation across all use cases, technological advancements are moving faster than legacy routing, policy, and infrastructure decisions can be planned. The increased deployment of automated vehicles (AVs) for transit presents a variety of health, economic, and accessibility benefits, including the potential to save lives by preventing accidents caused by driver error.
Infrastructure Enablers and Automated Vehicles: Transit focuses on the unresolved issues in transit-specific AV technology. As higher levels of automation are reached, public infrastructure needs to be in place to unlock the full intended benefits. To effectively function at a high level of automation, transit AVs require the integration of sensor data with complex decision-making algorithms and the ability to quickly respond to changing roadway conditions. Both physical and digital infrastructure are necessary to help enable automated transit operations.


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