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The Use of eVTOL Aircraft for Military Applications: Last-mile Transport and Logistics EPR2022025

Recent advancements in eVTOL aircraft have generated significant interest within and beyond the traditional aviation industry. One promising application is for last-mile (and middle-mile) military transport and logistics, which can complement current mission capabilities and enhance operational readiness. With the dynamic and varying global challenges facing military operations, eVTOL aircraft can offer timely, on-demand, and potentially cost-effective aerial mobility components to the overall solution.
The Use of eVTOL Aircraft for Military Applications: Last-mile Transport and Logistics explores the challenges that need to be addressed before identified capabilities and benefits can be realized at scale:
  • Mission-specific eVTOL vehicle development
  • Detect-and-avoid (DAA)capabilities in complex and challenging operating environments
  • Autonomous and AI-enhanced mission capabilities
  • Charging system compatibility and availability for battery-electric vehicles
  • Simplified vehicle operations (SVO) training
  • Vehicle/fleet logistics and support
  • Secured supply chain management
  • Acceptance from stakeholder services, military leadership, field commanders, and operating and support team members


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