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Towards MRO 4.0: Challenges for Digitalization and Mapping Emerging Technologies EPR2023007

With technological breakthroughs in electric land vehicles revolutionizing their respective industry, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facilities in aviation are also adopting digital technologies in their practices. But despite this drive towards digitalization, the industry is still dominated by manual labor and subjective assessments. Today, several technologies, processes, and practices are being championed to resolve some of these outstanding challenges. Considering this, it is important to present current perspectives regarding where the technology stands today and how we can evaluate capabilities for autonomous decision support systems that prescribe maintenance activities. Overlooking some of these unsettled domain issues can potentially undermine any benefits in speed, process, and resilience promised by such systems.
Towards MRO 4.0: Challenges for Digitalization and Mapping Emerging Technologies provides some understanding of specific motivating factors by focusing on the digitalization challenges for MRO 4.0 and the role of building “trust” in technology by reimagining stakeholder experiences. It examines overarching issues, such as data management, robotics, optimization, artificial intelligence, and systems engineering.


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