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Evaluation of the In-vehicle Experience EPR2023009

Modern in-vehicle experiences are brimming with functionalities and convenience driven by automation, digitalization, and electrification. While automotive manufacturers are competing to provide the best systems to their customers, there is no common ground to evaluate these in-vehicle experiences as they become increasingly complex. Existing automotive guidelines do not offer thresholds for cognitive distraction, or—more appropriately—“disengagement.” What can researchers can do to change this?
Evaluation of the In-vehicle Experience discusses acceptable levels of disengagement by evaluating the driving context and exploring how system reliability can translate to distraction and frustration. It also covers the need to test systems for their complexity and ease of use, and to prevent users from resorting to alternative systems while driving (e.g., smartphones). It highlights the value in naturalistic data generation using vehicles already sold to customers and the issues around privacy and trust concerning such methods. Lastly, it talks about the opportunities and challenges behind developing automated testing methods for in-vehicle experiences that simulate human behavior and how to shorten evaluation timelines to enabling a much larger scale of systems testing.


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