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Decarbonization Routes for Global Road Mobility and Regional Challenges EPR2023025

The importance of decarbonizing mobility to slow climate change is already a common goal worldwide. However, there is a lack of alignment on which technological routes to take. While the electrification of mobility assumes dominance in some markets, it is essential to consider specificities of each region so that different applications of transport modes can be concretely evaluated.
Decarbonization Routes for Global Road Mobility and Regional Challenges discusses regional approaches, such as those from Brazil and India, that can offer more representative participation in global decarbonization processes. These routes leverage these countries’ domestic talent and regional potential instead of simply copying the solutions coming from developed countries. Biofuels, biomass, and green hydrogen can be very effective ways of reducing global warming for these countries and others with similar economic characteristics, bringing more opportunities for market development and competitive advantages for various economic sectors.


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