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How is COVID-19 impacting the industries that SAE International supports? What solutions are being developed to overcome today’s challenges to create a stronger mobility future? We are uncovering these insights and more, directly from the industry experts in the middle of these changes and sharing the conversations as part of our new SAE Roundtable Series. Paired with our SAE Tomorrow Today podcast, SAE@Home video series, and thought leadership pieces, SAE remains committed to serve as the mobility authority that keeps you informed on trends and insights impacting the industry and our path forward together.

A View from the Aerospace Industry: Patience, Persistence and a List of “New Normals”


The disruptions brought by the COVID-19, which ones are passing and which ones are likely here to stay?  In this edition of the SAE Roundtable Series, we get the perspective from a seasoned aerospace engineer on what the industry needs to do to overcome and adapt to the challenges brought forth by COVID-19 to achieve success moving forward. The conversation explores the importance of digital standards data and specifications, how the current pandemic compares to other industry downturns, how personal transportation might be the future of aviation, and the skills that aerospace engineers must adopt and apply to continue innovating.

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A View from the Academic World: If there is truth in what scientists do, we need to raise consciousness that it is important.

Two esteemed professors of engineering at U.S.-based universities, offer their insight on what the future of academia will look like in a post-COVID 19 world in this edition of the SAE Roundtable Series. Learn more as they offer advice and share their thoughts on how the current environment will impact universities and NGOs, why research funding is more important now than ever, the positive and negative impacts of the absence of in-person classroom instruction, and how a collaboration with professional associations can supplement the efforts occurring within academia.

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A View from Graduate Students: Sleepless Nights and the Importance of Cold Breakfast


Graduate students are in a unique position to view the post-COVID 19 world through a lens that analyzes the current state of academia along with what the job market looks like for highly qualified pending and recent graduates. The two graduate students who participated in this edition of the SAE Roundtable Series share their input on virtual versus in-person engagements as a complement to academic training, if their professional goals have changed since the start of the current pandemic, and why being involved in program’s like SAE’s Collegiate Design Series can put students ahead of the competition when searching for a job.

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A View from a Life-Long Engineer: Working remotely and adapting to a new situation

For those engineers who have been working in the industry for a lengthy career, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted work very differently than others we spoke with. In this edition of the SAE Roundtable Series, an engineer in the sunset of his career joins us to share how he is adjusting to this current situation. From the changes to daily routines to sales downturns to how organizations are preparing to get operations back to full tilt. The conversation also covers how technical knowledge, like that offered by SAE International, can be applied by companies to expand their operations and grown coming out of the pandemic.

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A View from an Automotive Business Manager: A Varied Global Landscape

When will customers start buying vehicles again? That’s the question on the minds of everyone in the automotive industry. We were joined by a manager at a Tier 1 automotive supplier for this edition of the SAE Roundtable Series for a conversation about how the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified shifting sales trends already taking place, why the most innovative companies will be the ones to thrive, and how reopening plans are impacting the entire industry. The conversation closes out with some observations on consumer purchasing behavior and looks at the parallels between today and the 2008 market crash.

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A View from Job Seekers in the Automated Vehicle Space: Tough Times

From one of the most dynamic job markets to one of the worst in just a matter of months. That’s the experience of the job seekers looking for positions in the AV sector that we spoke with for this edition of the SAE Roundtable Series. The conversation offers insight into the current plight of job seekers, what companies in the space need to do to come out of this better than when it started, and how professional development organizations can support those looking for their next opportunity.

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A View from Startup Entrepreneurs: Shock and Pivot

The startup community has been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Two startup entrepreneurs joined this edition of the SAE Roundtable Series to offer firsthand insight into the minds of this community as it faces funding shortages and prospect engagement challenges. What are the short- and long-term prospects? And what needs to happen for successf? The conversation also sheds light on the role that SAE International’s Silicon Valley can play in helping connect the startup community with investors and partners, and allowing them to establish a voice within the larger mobility community.

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