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Technical Paper

Reduction of Seat Back Vibrations in a Passenger Car- An Integrated CAE - Experimental Approach

In the present automobile market, customers have put demand for smaller cars with better ride and comfort. For small diesel engine cars, where the comfort is known to be inferior to its gasoline siblings, the effect of engine excitation and road inputs has posed the problem of seat back vibrations. Low frequency vibrations are observed at irregular road inputs, which directly get transferred to the human body through the seat back resulting in fatigue and discomfort. This paper describes the use of testing and CAE in reducing the seat back vibrations. First step of the study includes the frequency response functions (FRF) of the seat frame and road data. The CAE model is validated with the test data and the problem areas are identified. The countermeasure design modifications in the seat frame structure are analyzed using CAE (Normal Mode Analysis). The feasible countermeasure action is road tested and clearly shows a reduction in the vibration levels coming on the seat back.